First Report from our International Potters’ Charity Auction in Sendai – とうほく仙台からのメッセージ

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It is 10 days after the International Potters’ Charity Auction in Sendai today, and I am very pleased to be able to report you that we have received the very first news.
Many many many thanks to all of you who have cotributed your work and some treasures from your private collections. We get no money from our Tohoku potters aid project but I will make sure that most of money from this charity will go directly to individual potters. (I heard that many potters in Tohoku received some amount of money from various organizations, but most of it was only little and disappeared after a couple of drinks.)
I have put emphasis on our requst that all money should go to one or two gifted potters who really in need of help.  [G.K.]

The following Japanese message has been sent from Mr. Saito, the organiser of the Tohoku potters event. He thanked for our efforts and kindhearted potters’ donations.
大切なコレクションも加えて下さった君嶋氏を始め、無償で作品を提供してくださった海外の日本陶芸を愛する陶芸家たちの温かいご支援に心から感謝いたします。 [S.H.]

There was a great interest from the people who saw our work first time, some were sold in the auction and yet some remained unsold but I will have more pots from all over the world and send forward to Sendai. There is another International Potters’ Auction is already planned there very soon. So no donated pots will be waisted.  [G.K.]

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