Homma Shinichi – 本間伸一: Master Potter from Tohoku

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We are delighted to announce that with the generous support of Whichford Pottery, we have been able to invite a well-known wood-fire potter, Mr “Homma Shinichi” from Iwate Prefecture, of the Tohoku region in Japan that was affected by the March 2011 Tsunami.

Whichford Pottery are organising a workshop event due to take place on the last week-end of September (Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th), and Gas Kimishima, who will be taking part, wanted to make it extra special. Therefore, Gas and Mr. Homma are planning on running a master-class together on Friday 23rd; they intend to give a slideshow and to demonstrate Japanese pottery techniques throughout the week-end . This is a very rare opportunity to meet and learn traditional techniques from two Japanese masters.

Lectures, wood and Raku firing will take place throughout the week-end, with talks and demonstrations by Yasuda Takeshi, Lisa Hammond, Jim Keeling, John Jelfs and many others. To find more details about this very interesting event, please visit the Whichford Pottery website.


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