Dear Japanese Friends: 日本のお友達へ

Nancy Elizabeth Fuller

先月の東日本大震災のニュースを知り、私は五人の陶芸家達(君嶋政明 Gas Kimishima, スヴェン・バイヤー Svend Bayer, フィル・ロジャースPhil Rogers, トム・葉 Yo Thom, and ブリジット・コロー Brigitte Colleaux)とともに、東北、北関東地域の被害に遭われた作家さん達を支援するグループを結成致しました。
早速、私達はこのブログ 頑張れ!窯焚き を立ち上げました。そして、また、工房や窯に被害を受けた陶芸家の為に、義援金を集めるオンライン・ギャラリーを含むウェッブサイト 窯焚きエイド ( も稼動いたしました。
もし、被災地にお知り合いの陶芸家さん、またはその方々の連絡先をご存知でしたら、どうか Eメール ( まで御一報下さいませんでしょうか。それから、貴方や友人の陶芸作品を、我々のウェッブ・ギャラリーを通しての義援金による支援に御興味が御座いましたら、どうぞご遠慮なく御一報下さい。



Dear friends,
I was wondering if I could ask for your help.
Since the earthquake in Japan, I have formed a group with 5 other UK potters (GasKimishima, Svend Bayer, Phil Rogers, Yo Thom, and Brigitte Colleaux) to help Japanese potters in the Tohoku and Kanto regions who were affected by the earthquake.
We have set up this blog site Ganbare! Kamataki and a website Kamataki-Aid ( is now up and running with the purpose of raising money through an online gallery to help potters who lost their studios or kilns. Our aim is to support potters in some way until their first firing.
Potters in Mashiko are already receiving a lot of aid from the Mashiko Earthquake Appeal and the Mashiko Earthquake Fund and so we are keen to help potters in other badly hit areas.
If you have any contacts in those areas who might know of someone who needs help, please could you let us know by emailing me or our email ( Also, if you or your friends are interested in exhibiting work on our online gallery as a way of making a donation to our fund please contact us for further details.

50% of the sale will go to Kamataki Aid and 50% will go to the potter. Postage and packaging costs will be covered by the customer.

I would really appreciate any information you could give us and look forward to hearing from you.
Very best wishes, (N.F.)

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